We facilitate complete solutions for all loan products

We offer a wide range of financing services like loans from Banks, NBFC and other financers together with virtually every form of associated services like consultancy, documentation, business plan, feasibility studies and more that are dedicatedly suited to meet every customer’s needs. Our expertise lies in creating that complete financing package along with superior services specially worked out for every entrepreneur’s individual needs and size.

Besides financing and loans, we provide the widest range of related services such as:

•    Loan processing
•    Providing consultancy for loans seekers
•    Apprising customers of the latest modes of finance, schemes, offers etc.
•    Comprehensive Guidance in sanctioning loans at every step
•    Taking care of pre and post sanction and disbursement procedures and formalities
•    Drafting proposals
•    Financial analysis
•    CMA Data (Credit Monitoring Arrangement Data)
•    Company Profile
•    Project Report
•    Financial Projections/Forecasting
•    Business Plans
•    Fund Flow/ Cash Flow Statement
•    Presentations & documentation
•    Co-coordinating with engineers, attorneys, valuers and related agencies

We provide other related services like Preparation and/or consulting on:-
•    QIS (Quarterly Information System)
•    FFR (Financial Follow-up Report)
•    Monthly Stock Statement
•    Break Even Analysis
•    IRR/ NPV
•    Subsidy under TUFS- Application & Disbursement
•    Maharashtra Subsidy
We provide Co-ordination & Advisory Services in following Areas:-

•    Credit Rating
•    SSI/SME Certificate
•    Web Hosting & Designing
•    Trade Name Creation & Logo Designing
•    Patent & Trademark
We also undertake ASC (Annual Service Contract) for maintaining, preparing and submitting all the information related to & like:

•    Preparation of Monthly & Quarterly statements like Stock Statement, FFR (Financial Follow-up Report) / QIS (Quarterly Information System).
•    Renewal of Working Capital limits.
•    Alteration, modification, enhancement of limits.
•    Query reply & preparation of reports for External Rating, Stock Audit, Bank Inspection & any other observations made by Bank.
•    Routine & any other consulting required related to Bank Finance.
•    TUFS & Maharashtra Subsidy, Interest Subsidy claim.


We facilitate complete solutions for loan products.

Commerical Banking Product
•   Working Capital Loan
•   Term Loan
•   Project Finance
•   Construction Finance
•   SME Loans
•   SME - Asset Backed Loan
•   Export Credit
•   Bill/ LC Discounting
•   Bank Guarantee
•   Letter Of Credit
•   Import Finance
•   Metal Gold Loan
•   Loan for Professionals

Retail Products
•    Unsecured Loan
•    Home Loan
•    Mortgage Loan/ Loan Against Property
•    Loan for Property Purchase
•    Lease Rental Discounting
•    Loan Against Shares/ Mutual Fund
•    Personal Loan
•    Balance Transfer/ Takeover of Existing Loan
•    Additional/ Top-up Loans
•    NRI Home Loan
•    Overdraft Loan
•    Loan for purchase of Machines/ Equipments
•    Loan Against Industrial Gala